How to Find Reputable Affiliate Tracking Software Programs or Services

How to Find Reputable Affiliate Tracking Software Programs or Services

An Advanced Look at Affiliate Marketing Strategies

6 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings


Matt Cutts: Straight from Google – SEO, What You Need to Know

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Post By : Juan Carlos Sanchez @magneticovital

6 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most consuming, complicated areas of marketing your website, and also the one where the most inaccurate information exists.

Often advice literally years out of date is still treated as gospel with detrimental consequences.

But let’s cut the crap for just a moment and show you 6 easy techniques you can apply today to start getting impressive results like the professionals do.

Bare in mind that this definately isn’t all there is no know on the topic (it barely scratches the surface to be honest) but it will give you a pretty good start and put you way ahead of 99% of your competitors if you apply just these few concepts to your website.

1) Choose Your Battles

Whilst some keywords have tens of millions of competitors (and searches) every day, others have very few competitors but also very few potential visitors.

You want decent traffic but you also don’t want to have to compete with the real pros out there or you’re going to get slaughtered.

So it’s a balancing act.

Find a keyword research tool you’re happy with (there’s a handy free guide on keyword research at and dig into your niche.

I would suggest if you’re new to SEO that you look for primary keywords with no more than 50,000 competitors and ideally over 100 searches a day.

Once you find a primary keyword you’re happy with dig down further and find other secondary keywords.

So if your primary keyword you opt for is “cheap computers” then your secondary keywords may be “buy cheap computers”, “building cheap computers” and so on.

All your secondary keywords should ideally contain your primary keyword plus one or more additional words that your target audience search for.

You will write at least one article focusing on each of these keyword phrases and link them altogether to create your site.

This ensures that your site is focused, linked correctly and is built around keyword phrases that your target audience are looking for and that you should be able to obtain decent listings for.

download (69)

2) Choose Your Website Address

Your website address should ideally contain your primary keyword phrase. So in our example above using “cheap computers” then possible domains, if available, could be,, and so on.

Don’t worry about using hyphens but try not to make your domain too long or it will look “spammy” to the search engines and potential visitors and ensure your domain ends with .com ideally, or if not .net.

No other options should be considered.

This domain name you choose is vital because it not only gives you a boost by having your primary keyword in it, but also means that when people link to you they will be virtually forced to include your keywords in their link which, as we’ll see, is another important factor in your ranking.

3) Keep Your Keyword Density Up

Of less importance these days than it once was is the keyword density of the articles on your site. I wouldn’t fret about looking for exact figures as some poorly informed marketers do, just try to include your keywords from time to time.

So an article about buying cheap computers would include the phrase “buying cheap computers” several times. Also consider, if it reads correctly, splitting up your phrases into their individual words and using these in your articles too. So in our example use the words “buying”, “cheap” and “computers” a few times in your article, not necessarily next to each other.

4) Structure Your Pages Correctly

For each of your keyword-focused articles ensure the relevant keywords for that article are present in the page title and your meta tags.

5) Watch Your Internal Linking

Try to avoid links in your site navigation that say generic things like “click here” and “articles” and so on.

Keep them specific and unique and include your keywords. So you wrote an article about “buying cheap computers”? Then the link to it could read something like “Read our guide to buying cheap computers”.

It helps keep your site unique, focuses the search engines on what your article is about and notice how you’ve managed to include your primary keyword phrase “cheap computers”?

A number of links like these down the side of your page will greatly increase the keyword density of your pages.

Oh, and please use text links, not image links.

6) Generate Keyword Dense Incoming Links

Once you’re all set up with the above tactics simply aim to generate a number of links from related, popular sites through the use of article submissions, press releases, link exchanges and so on.

Ensure they include your primary keyword phrase but don’t overdo it.

Just mention your primary keyword once in each of the links pointing to your site.

These links will drive traffic to your site, increase your rankings and allow the search engines to find you so you don’t need to submit your site to them.

And that’s all you need to know to begin with. Best of luck!

How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast: 9 Steps to Rank Higher Using Analytics


for Businesses Simplified via cortesia




6 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Video Pal Previer


Video Pal Previer

The most ADVANCED (but Easy) Video Software of 2017 has arrived!
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Video Pal Previer

My best wishes for success in this 2017, dear community

My best wishes for success in this 2017, dear community

Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners in 2017

Eight Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

What’s Pinterest?


Eight Ways to Make Money with Pinterest


Post by: Juan Carlos Sanchez

Making money via Pinterest is very doable if you know how to do it right. Pinterest makes it easy for businesses to use the social network to make money. There are many ways to make money with Pinterest that anyone can take advantage of with just a little work.

  1. Create Product Pinboards – If you sell products, make a pinboard of them. You can make one board for each category of product. Ensure that the pictures show up sharp and look as good as they would in person. You actually can do this if you sell services too. Just find an image that represents the service using words with the images to get the attention of the viewer, and link to your shopping cart – for example using aMember.

Link to aMember:

  1. Create Memes with Motivational Quotes – Make an entire board with motivational quotes, but make them link back to your blog when the visitors click them. This is a great way to get extra traffic to your blog, where you can use the quote to promote something that you sell that relates to the quote. You can use software like Canva to help you create memes.

Link to Canva:

  1. Have a Contest to Get More Email Subscribers – Contests on Pinterest are a wonderful way to get more email subscribers. There are many ways to run a Pinterest contest, including third party software that you can use to help you run it correctly.

Link to third party software –

  1. Create a Portfolio Board – This works great for service providers and artists who need a way to showcase their work. For example if you design websites, you can put screen shots of each site with software like Snagit in the portfolio and link back to your website. You can do this with books, photography and more.

Link to Snagit –

  1. Create a Testimonial Pinboard – As you collect testimonials, use Canva to make them into images with quotes. For example, you could put the person’s picture on the left, with a small part of their testimonial to the right in quote form. Link to your website and the services or products the customer purchased.

  2. Pin Affiliate Products Properly – You have to be careful about pinning affiliate products because Pinterest strips out your affiliate code. But there is a way around this. The way to do this is to use pretty links such as a Bitly, or you can also use a redirect (see links below). Note: You can do the redirects with every host.

Link to Bitly –

  1. Pin YouTube Videos That Promote Your Products – A great way to promote your products or affiliate products is to do a demo video or a review video of the product and include an affiliate link or your sales page link in the description of the video.

  2. Pin Images from Your Promotional Posts – When you write a blog post that is promotional in nature, ensure that you include an awesome image of the right size and shape so that you can then promote that pin on Pinterest.

Put two or three of these money-making ideas to practice as soon as possible, and you’ll see for yourself that you can make money with Pinterest. It’s easy, it’s lucrative and it will happen if you do it


Eight Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest
Getting more followers on Pinterest isn’t much different from getting followers on any other social media network. You must be a contributing part of the community on a regular and ongoing basis, ask for people to follow you and follow them back.

  1. Add a Pinterest Tab on Facebook – You can easily add a tab on your Facebook page in order to encourage people to follow you on Pinterest. When you create the new tab, be sure to point it out and announce it to your Facebook likes.

  2. Add a Follow Pin on Your Blog – Your blog and website should also have a follow me button for Pinterest. If you use WordPress there are many plugins available to make this a simple and almost automatic thing to do.

  3. Invite Your Friends – When you join Pinterest you get the option to invite the friends their system can find, using your email address book to determine who might be your friend.

  4. Cross-Promote Your Social Media – Using your email mailing list and other social media accounts, be sure to share your different social media accounts with easy share, like and follow buttons.

  5. Comment on Popular Pinboards – When you comment on pinboards, everyone who sees your comment can follow you on Pinterest. If you comment, just say something intelligent and don’t spam by asking people to follow you. Really communicate with others without “selling”.

  6. Post Original Content Regularly – Don’t add 100 updates all at once; instead create them and then schedule them to go out periodically. This way you show up with something new often. And the more often you show up with something new, the more chances you have of people following you.

  7. Repin Other People’s Content – When someone has content that you like and that you find useful, repin it. The activity is going to show up to more people and then you’ll have more of a chance to get new followers.

  8. Use Keywords Wisely – Keywords are important because that’s how people find you when they want to find certain types of pins. Add keywords in descriptions, board names, and anyplace you can to get more viewers.

Getting more followers on Pinterest will help increase the buzz about your business, as well as help bring more traffic to your website and blog. Plus, you may also gain email subscribers if you organize your pinboards in such a way that makes viewers curious about what else you have to offer. Build your followers, like your boards slowly and steadily, and you’ll get a lot further and be more successful than if you do it too quickly.

How to Make Money on Pinterest – 4 Easy to Follow Steps

Web Publishing – How to get increased traffic

How to start a blog, drive traffic, get clients, monetize (FULL TUTORIAL)

Sigue leyendo

25 Free Tips for Marketing your Blog

Blog Tips For Building A Bigger Audience In Less Time

Writers, Make Money with Private Label E-books Resell Rights

Make Money With eBooks

Writers, Make Money by Creating and Selling Private Label Articles

Make Money with PLR Articles… 10 Easy Steps

Writing good articles – Article submission tips and writing

How To Write Articles For Page 1 Rank On Google, Bing & Yahoo Hangout On Air

Social Bookmark Traffic – Is It Useful?

Getting Traffic to Your Website – SEO With Manual Social Bookmarking (PT6)


Post by : Juan Carlos Sanchez

In the very recent past, a friend of mine [Kate] was lucky enough to get her website listed (bookmarked) on Digg, a very popular social bookmark site. With her permission, I was given an excellent chance to overlook and analyze the traffic generated from these types of sites. Read on to discover the pro’s and con’s of social media site traffic, and how it could be utilised in your own website or online marketing efforts.

Firstly, it should be said that any sort of internet traffic, should not be considered useless. Visitors to your site should all be welcomed, as any visitor is a good thing. In saying that, however, it should be noted that traffic in all its greatness, is not created equally. Great differences become apparent when you start to analyze its source. The purpose of this article, is to take a much closer look at the traffic generated from social bookmarking, from the perspective of internet marketing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 years, you’d notice a very big trend on the web–social bookmark and media websites have become “all that” on the web. Slashdot, Stumbleupon, Digg; any of these popular sites sound familiar?

This is where a lot of social bookmark traffic will originate from. In essence, these sites are driven and “controlled” by the users. Users or members choose which content they want to bookmark, and this will lead into viewing and discussing of said bookmarked content. Sites such as these are immensely popular, and flow traffic that the average website owner can only ever imagine having. Thats a lot of traffic, isn’t it? But is it really useful?

All this traffic and hype must be a good thing, right? But is it really worth your time? Should you integrate active promotion to these types of social media websites? What about concentrating all your online marketing strategies on these types of sites? The question more at point is, what are the real pro’s and con’s of getting your website listed on the front page of sites like Stumbleupon or Digg?

As a website owner myself, I wanted answers, and I wanted them quickly. In addition, I wondered if utilising these sites could benefit me; i.e, could they help me generate more income online?

Recently, my friends listing on Digg enabled me to have a upclose look at these sites, and the effects they brought to a website owner. This was a chance for a first-hand, upclose study; I was not about to pass this up.

However, this didn’t happen by chance. Kate took the action of placing the free “” bookmark to all her pages. You can also do this quite easily. Using this simple bookmark “button”, you can start to attract these sites. However, be warned; a site featured on the front page of social media sites can almost instantly generate 100,000’s of visitors to your website; this in essence is enough traffic that it may overload your server. Not good!

So be careful; active promotion to these social bookmark sites should only be taken upon if your servers or web hosting company can withstand the sudden influx of traffic.

With Kate’s permission, I utilised Google Analytics and started to analyze these types of visitors and social bookmark traffic generated. Interestingly enough, some very important factors were realised. The Majority of this traffic will:

– Simply bounce back.
– Very few visitors will stay on your site; even for a short period of time.
– Very few visitors will actually go into the depths of your site.
– If you have a newsletter or similar, you’ll notice that very few sign-up for these.
– If you utilise any type of marketing follow-ups, etc, very few will enter.

(In saying this, an unknown variable is the content of your site. Is it well written? Does it perform well? Is it useful or attractive to the visitor?)

Traffic from these sites does pose a very common problem, however; its temporary traffic, to say the least. The mass amount of traffic generated will usually only last a few days at most, that is, until your listing or bookmark is removed from the front page. Most of these visitors will rarely remain on your website for long, and the majority leave within seconds. In saying that, you may have a few sign-up’s to your newsletter or Ezine, or visitors that explore your site. But keep in mind, this number will not be very high.

Social media site traffic can be likened to customers in the drive-thru sections of fast food restaurants; they come and go as quick as they came. The visitors will basically view your content, and before you know it, have already left, surfing back to the main site to venture onto the next item or listing. Social bookmark traffic will always behave differently, to a large extent, when compared to organic search engine traffic, or your newsletter traffic, for instance. Very differently.

Visitors from Kate’s article posts will generally add up to 50 to a 100 new sign-ups a day; much different when compared to social bookmark traffic. In addition, readers and visitors to her articles are actually interested in her content, and therefore have been previously exposed to similiar content upon reaching her website. So in this case, there was no comparison.

The choice of traffic will always lay in the visitors generated from search engines, atleast when comparing to the traffic from social bookmarking sites. A question still remains, however– is social bookmark traffic really all that useless?

Firstly, as previously mentioned, you need to remember that no traffic should be considered useless. Any type of visitor to your website should be counted as a good thing. Any website owner should realise that getting traffic and visitors to your website is a must; otherwise its game over.

When someone searches for a particular term in a search engine, and they end up at your website, this means that your visitor is there because you have what they’re looking for. This type of traffic is essential to your website. Visitors like these are considered to be “targeted traffic”; that is, they’re more likely to read your pitch-page, overlook your information, sign-up to a newsletter, or even buy a product. Additionally, they may also become repeat visitors. Traffic like this is ideal. These are the types of visitors you really want.

However, its not all bad news. Social media or bookmark sites do have a bright side.

How would you like the possibility of your website gaining exposure to millions of people? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Even though you may not get sales, for instance, this traffic can assist in getting your websites name out there; branding it, creating a buzz.

If your website appeals to a more mass market, then you are even more in luck. Social bookmark traffic in this case can be an excellent source of traffic and visitors.

Social sites such as these also have another added bonus; gaining a link on high PR7 and PR8 websites, with high traffic flow, can’t hurt your search engine rankings. After your website is featured on a social media site such as Digg, your link can also appear on a large number of secondary websites on the web, as much as 1000 or more. Much of this traffic will also be using the Firefox web browser, which is embedded with the Alexa toolbar– what does this do for you? Your Alexa traffic rank will be improved. As much as 50% of the visitors hitting Kate’s website we’re running the Firefox browser.

Something worth pointing out, is that the traffic generated from Stumbleupon was much different. Longer stay durations were the common thing in this traffic, that is, this traffic behaved more like organic traffic. This could possibly be attributed to the fact that Stumbleupon is a higher quality site, and this was reflected from the higher quality of the visitors originating from there. This also made me come to the realisation that not all social media/bookmark traffic can be measured with the same stick. This experience also pointed me out to something important; the content featured on Kate’s website is geared towards targeted visitors from search engines and articles, and is generally not suited to the mainstream net-surfer.

An idea to better take advantage of this type of traffic, is to gear your website and its content to more mainstream internet users. Whether or not this enables you to achieve a greater level of success, is largely dependant on what you offer and how it is offered. Another unknown variable, unfortunately.

In the near future, I hope to gain the chance to further study social bookmark traffic, and its long-term effects on websites. In specific, the effect it would have on keyword rankings and link popularity rankings in search engines; only then can I come to any type of real judgements. However, for now, my mind is being kept open, and the idea is being tossed up as to whether social media and bookmark traffic is actually worth the time or the effort. Is the time taken away from your usual day-to-day marketing efforts worth it?

Guess there is only one way to find out, really.


8 Offline Marketing Ideas

Best offline marketing techniques, ideas & strategies to get customers


Post by : Juan Carlos Sanchez

…That Could Bring In Revenue To Your Online Business

Before businesses converted to online marketing, the bread and butter marketing and advertising techniques are mostly focused on traditional marketing or what is not called as offline marketing. These 8 offline marketing ideas have been around for years and have been proven time and again to bring in revenue to any business whenever they are well-placed and well-timed.

Classified ads
Ad placing on any local or national newspapers – if your pockets could afford that – can give your website traffic or sales a really good boost. How? Apparently, people still read newspapers and trust the things they read on print media. And with this same level of trust, people view newspaper ads as something that they can be confident about. Online businesses that have placed ads on newspapers have benefited from the great advertising rates of this medium.

Flyers and Posters
There’s a good reason why small and large companies alike still use flyers as part of their marketing campaigns. They work and they work really well. Place flyers somewhere with good traffic and watch as traffic get diverted to your website.

Direct Mail
The offline version of opt-in email listing and email marketing, offline direct mail is a marketing method that directly contacts individual and inform them of your website’s presence. When done consistently and with good email pieces, this strategy can help with brand awareness. This may even result to instant sales.

While this could turn out to be quite expensive, infomercials are actually very effective means to enhance brand awareness and to increase market reach. Since most infomercials run consistently over a long period of time, these often allow for some curiosity on the part of viewers. If you don’t have enough budget for infomercials, try group advertising. This will spread the cost between you and your partners.

Business Cards
These are possibly the least expensive of all marketing strategies. Give your business cards to anyone you meet and leave them anywhere you go. The results may not be instantaneous, but in time, your cards could bring in revenue for your online business.

Give Free Information
If you are an expert in a field relevant to your business, you could try to be a free learning resource. You could do this by holding a free offline class. Radio and TV shows are also good mediums as these could reach a wider spectrum of audience. If you can, try to get an interview over the radio or on a TV show.

Freebies and Giveaways
Giving away promotional items is still alive and well. Next to business cards, this strategy is probably the second least expensive. The cost of this offline marketing strategy could run up to a few hundred dollars or more though if you’re giving away expensive free items.

Network with Other Local Business Owners
The chamber of commerce as well as other local business associations are powerful tools to expand your network. Connections mean better opportunities. Try to get as many connection as you can by attending local business owners meetings and conferences.